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If you think you can draw some game items, or if you just have some time to help in the project, send mail to Robin Burrows.
(Or drop by in IRC on Efnet #allegro for a chance to meet some of the developers.)


Another test release   elias - 2002-03-31 06:40   -   Feud2000AD
There was not much progress since the last release (mostly because we don't have much free time), but we decided to do another demo release nevertheless, just to show that work keeps being done on Feud2000AD.
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New test release of Feud2000AD   elias - 2001-12-24 03:47   -   Feud2000AD
As promised, here a new test release for Christmas. Not much has changed since the last release in July really - but at least we are still confident to finish Feud *some time*.
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new developer   elias - 2001-08-08 01:14   -   Feud2000AD
broege has joined the feud-team :) He will be responsible for the random map generation.
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Test Release with Mage Animation   elias - 2001-07-27 15:37   -   Feud2000AD
The network code still doesn't work, and progress with the game is quite slow, but at least there is something to look at now :) Seems we finally got an artist!
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Welcome to the site for Feud 2000AD. this project is an attempt to remake the classic game 'Feud' which I remember originally being released for the ZX Spectrum and Amiga in 1987. The designer was John Pickford, who is now working for Zedtwo, and when I e-mailed him about doing this project (which must have been a couple of years ago now) he said that would be OK.

Spectrum version of Feud Amiga version of Feud

Original Spectrum Map

Feud is a strange game, it is mainly exploration of a strange rustic place where rare herbs grow and these can be collected in order to concoct spells with which to defeat your opponent. if you have JAVA, you can actually play the spectrum version by clicking here.

Our remake is taking a very long time (mainly due to the lack of spare time we have), but here are the things we hope to incorporate into it:

Current state:

Done: To do: Here's our very first (historical) screenshot:
Our version of Feud 2000AD
Updated development screenshots, last one is newest version:
hiding behind the hedge
hiding behind the hedge
more hedges
more hedges
collecting herbs
collecting herbs
up to 32 network players, with different colors!
up to 32 network players, with different colors!
the tile generator
Looks like we will use auto-generated tile transitions.
Smooth tiles
And this is how a map looks with those tiles.
Smooth tiles
A first preview of the new map code.


Get the new Easter2002 Test Release: here.

Current developers:

Robin Burrows (Idea, Coordination, Programming): email web page.

Elias Pschernig (Programming): email web page.

Edward Brown (Graphics / Artwork / 3D Models / Animation).

Karol 'Broege' Golab (Random map creation): email.

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